Reviews about poker room Titanpoker.

On this page, we suggest you read real reviews about Titan Poker from existing users, as well as share your own opinion about the poker room. Reviews are reviews, but the most objective criterion for choosing any product is always public opinion about it. And poker rooms are no exception. You can write anything on paper, so it is very important that the site in fact fulfills all its promises and provides players with the declared level of service.

Read Titan Poker reviews and decide for yourself whether to play here in 2020 or not.



For me, titanium is the main poker room for the game. Many may complain that there are few players, but I do not feel a lack of opponents. Of course, this is not PokerStars with tens of thousands of players online at any time of the day, but the tables are filled up sprightly, and in tournaments it’s good that there aren’t so many people. They go much faster and the chances of winning prizes are higher. He began to play with a deposit of 50 euros. He doubled me on the stock. It didn’t work out, I managed to get only $ 33 bonus, but it’s nice anyway. There have never been problems with software. I withdraw money without problems to the card. On average, withdrawal takes 2 days. In general, I recommend both the main room and the additional one.




On Titan for a long time. Already probably 4 years. I play small tournaments for 1-15 bucks. He stopped at small tournaments because here the competition is much weaker. For me, this is a determining factor, because I’m tired of playing with regulars even at micro limits. Here the game pool is still rather weak, at least in the disciplines I have chosen.

Pleased with the presence of freerolls. There may not be too many of them here, but still there is plenty to choose from. Plus, the prize pools are large enough so that not only complete beginners pay attention to them.

I withdraw money on webmoney within a day or two. Maximum skid – 600 bucks in the tournament for the top ten. The only negative is a bit crooked software, but you get used to it quickly. My personal rating is a solid 7 out of 10.



So far, the impressions are good. At first, the big size of the rake scared, but this minus is compensated by a generous rakeback and various stocks. There are bonuses for both beginners and regular players, so you don’t want to leave the room. It can be seen that admins value their audience and constantly warm it up.

Help desk is working well. The truth was addressed only in English. I cannot say how things are with Russian-speaking support. My questions were answered twice within an hour.

It’s just upsetting that Titan is focused mainly on Holdem lovers. Other disciplines are either absent or slowly dying. But if you play no limit hold’em, then this will not be felt.

Well, the client. He is not bad, but rather some unusual. It’s hard to explain, so you’ll see for yourself.



One of the favorite poker rooms. I’ve been playing here since 2016 and don’t even look towards competitors. Great rakeback, cool loyalty program, many prime time tournaments, frequent overlays, a small number of regulars. What more could a mid-level poker player wish for? Even if in doubt, I recommend that you personally go in and see what’s what. For demand in the nose do not hit, as they say.




For players at small and medium stakes, that’s it. Here you can hone your skills and win a couple of shekels along the way. I play NL4 tables and small tournaments. There is nothing special to complain about, as well as highlighting something special. It’s just an average poker room with which you can start your way to big poker.