All information about rakeback at the Titanpoker poker room.

Every poker player playing for real money in tournaments or at cash tables can expect to receive rakeback from Titan Poker. This site is one of the few that has kept the rakeback system in the form familiar to users. For your gaming activity you get a fixed percentage of rake in cash. In addition to the classic rakeback, Titan Poker allows its users to participate in a multi-level loyalty program with generous rewards for achievements.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the rake return system, as well as the room loyalty program.

Rakeback Titan Poker – Unlimited Cash

Rakeback at this site is carried out in accordance with the unique Rakeback Unlimited program. Every week you can increase the size of your bankroll due to the unlimited payment of the returned commission. It is unlimited. The poker room does not establish any lower or upper limits on the amounts and is ready to pay you $ 1 for every 100 Titan Points. And how many points you will be able to collect at the end of the week – it is completely up to you. The site itself does not in any way limit your ability to receive additional benefits from the game.

How it works:

  • First you need to register for the Rakeback Unlimited promotion. To do this, go to the cashier and in the field “Promotional Code” enter a combination of characters RBWEEKLY;
  • Then play for real money at the cash tables, take part in tournaments (rake in the twisters on Titan Poker is also credited) to collect Titan Points. For every rake dollar brought to the room, you will receive 20 points;
  • At the end of the week, a rakeback in the form of a cash will be transferred to your account, the amount of which depends on the number of Titan Points collected.

The size of the rakeback at Titan Poker is 20%, and this is one of the most generous offers on the gambling market. And in conjunction with prizes under the loyalty program, you can return up to 40% of the commission.

Loyalty program Titan VIP Club

In addition to returning 20% of the commission, you can also count on valuable prizes under the Titan Vip Club loyalty program. This program is closely related to the rakeback system, and success in it depends on the number of Titan Points you receive. The more points you earn, the higher your status in the VIP program, and the more valuable prizes you can count on.

What is the essence of:

  • When playing at cash tables and tournaments, you automatically earn Titan Points and Club Points. The first ones determine the size of your rakeback and the level in the loyalty program. The second ones are awarded in accordance with your VIP level;
  • Club Points do not affect rakeback. The accumulated points act as a currency in the internal store of the site, and they can be exchanged for all kinds of prizes, cash payments, tickets for tournaments, etc .;
  • Also during the game you will generate Gold Coins, which can be exchanged for special Titan Treasures with valuable prizes inside.

In total, the Titan Poker VIP program includes 6 status levels, which determine the number of Club Points received and, accordingly, the size of the rewards:

StatusClub Points MultiplierThe number of points for obtaining status
Topaz1 0 (a basic level of)

Example: you have reached the level of “Ruby” and received a club multiplier of x1.3. You have earned 500 Titan Points in a week. This means that in addition you will receive 650 Club Points, which you can spend in the internal store. And the higher the status in the loyalty program, the more club points you will receive for regular Titan Points.

At the same time, access to the club’s store opens only after obtaining the emerald status. In addition, starting with the Amethyst level, you will receive free tickets for a daily freeroll with a guarantee of $ 100, and when you reach the last diamond level, you will automatically become a participant in the “gladiator” rake race and will be able to claim a part of the prize pool in the amount of 6 thousand dollars.

Thanks to a multi-level loyalty program and a generous rakeback system, Titan Poker is a great place for both beginners and experienced regulars who have long made poker the main source of income.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rakeback and the Titan Poker VIP System

What are VIP levels?

The VIP level of the account directly affects the benefits of a player in the VIP club of the Titan Poker poker room. The VIP level of the account increases in proportion to the accumulated Status Points. The higher the VIP level of the account, the greater the number of Club points that can be exchanged for valuable prizes, the player can count on.

What are Club Points used for?

Club Points can be used to exchange for tournament tokens, Treasures Gold Coins and cash bonuses.

What is the difference between Status Points and Club Points?

Users receive Status Points for participating in tournaments and cash table games. The amount of the expected bonus is credited to the balance of the user account in parts in proportion to the set of Status Points.

In parallel with obtaining Status Points, the user collects Club points according to the VIP level of his account and the corresponding coefficient. For example, for players with a VIP Gold level, the Club’s scoring coefficient is set to 1.5. That is, a user with such a VIP level receives 1.5 Club points for each Status Point. These points can be used to exchange for tournament tokens, Treasures Gold Coins and cash bonuses.