For regulars, the best companion in the game for real money is the Holdem Manager 3 program. With it, you can convert hand histories and display statistics on your opponents. Preflop raise frequency, 3-bet indicator, postflop aggression – all this information can be used to make decisions and increase profits.

Titan Poker is a popular iPoker room, its software allows players to freely launch HM3 and display HUD in real time. Today in the article we will help you configure the program before the first launch.

Step-by-step instruction

Many professionals notice that Holdem Manager 3 allows the player to increase the win rate by several times. This program not only collects statistics, but also allows you to import databases, analyze played distributions and adapt the strategy.

If you do not have an HM2 client yet, it is better to install it through a torrent. This version of the program is not available on the official website, because Holdem Manager 3 has recently gone on sale. A standard license with support for all limits costs $ 100, for a professional player this price will be quite affordable.

To install Holdem Manager 3 for free and use the program with Titan Poker, we suggest you follow the steps from our instructions:

  1. Download the working HM3 installer to your computer. You can find the necessary files on torrent trackers or specialized poker portals;
Holdem Manager 3 downloading.
  1. Make sure the latest version of the Titan Poker client is installed on your PC. For Holdem Manager 3 to correctly collect statistics, the entire hand history must be stored in a separate folder in English;
  1. Install HM3 on your operating system. Those players who are not ready to pay for a license can try the program in trial mode;
HM3 installation process.
  1. Launch the Holdem Manager client using the desktop shortcut. Open the Settings section, select the iPoker network and specify the path to the folder where the distribution history is saved. If desired, you can use the “Auto Detect” button;
  1. Launch the Titan Poker client and try playing some hands at real tables. If all the steps are completed correctly, the Head Up Display will be displayed next to the player names. In the interactive table you can see the VPIP, PFR, AF% indicators and many others – you can configure the necessary parameters in Hold’em Manager 2 in the “HUD” section. Now you are ready for a professional game for money, choose the right tables and start using statistics.

Administration iPoker is loyal to regular players, so here you can use Holdem Manager 3 without restrictions. Other rooms often add this program to the list of banned ones, because it helps to earn money effectively on amateurs. In 2020, poker ecology is in a state of crisis, so online room owners do a lot to protect hobby players. Since without Holdem Manager it’s difficult to get stable profits at a distance, more and more regulars are registering Titan Poker accounts.

Questions and answers

For beginners, the first launch of Hold’em Manager is often accompanied by problems. Today in the article we want to help with solving a couple of difficulties and answer popular questions.

Why does Holdem Manager 3 not display the history of played hands?

There may be several reasons. First you need to check that the software of Holdem Manager 2 and Titan Poker uses English. Then it is worth looking into the time adjustment, it should completely coincide. In HM2, open the “Adjust hand times” section and click the Auto Detect button, most often this will fix the problem.

If all else fails, make sure that the program has the correct path to the folder with the history of played hands. By default, Titan Poker exports text files along the path C: Program Files Titan Poker data nickname History Data. If the HUD still does not appear, we recommend sending a request to Holdem Manager support.

At Titan Poker gaming tables, HUD is shifting, what should I do?

In order for the statistics to be displayed correctly and the HUD to match the players ’seating, we recommend using the“ Favorite Place ”option. In the settings of Holdem Manager there is a “Preffered Seat” menu, open it and select your position at each table. The same action must be repeated in the Titan Poker client. Now the HUD does not shift, and you can safely analyze the statistics of your opponents in real time.

What is the difference between the HM 2 and HM 3 versions?

There are no fundamental differences between these programs. All versions of Holdem Manager are designed for the same purpose, but professionals are more pleased to participate in the game through updated software. The developers of Holdem Manager 3 improved the interface and added new filters, so the game for money became a little more comfortable.